Car rental St Barts

Leasing - Long term car rentals in St Barth

Hertz Saint Barthélemy Launches Long Term Rental for professionals.

You are artisan, professional, company or government ?
Hertz St Barth offers a monthly package tailored including financing, assistance 24h/24 , 7/7 and maintenance of your vehicle.

Utility vehicle or absolutely brand new vehicle are available over a period of 2, 3 or 4 years.
Ride with serenity , we manage for you..
Request your quote on line or contact us on 0590 27 71 14 for further information.

Financing rentals : In our privileged position of buyer , we do benefit from significant discounts on the purchase of the vehicle, on the level of funding in order to offer the best financial conditions. We also advise you on taxation related to vehicles.

Kilometers package : Determine the number of kilometers you drive thruw the year and adjust it at any time.

Maintenance and revisions : During the term of your contract , we perform all maintenance and revisions recommended by the manufacturer .

The replacement vehicle : Our replacement service , à la carte , ensures immediate replace of the contractual vehicle immobilization .

All risks insurance & claims management :
Benefit from our insurance package including document management , annual vignette, the payment of the premium , renewal and formalities disaster ( related to the expert monitoring repairs).
Simplify your life , we ensure all risks.

Tire management :
Loading your tires depending on the mileage , includes balancing and parallelism.
Options: Choose our Comfort Pack to benefit from cleaning services and VIP .

Exclusive to Hertz St Barthelemy :
• Get 20% discount on your travel Guadeloupe , Martinique , Guyana and St Martin. Barbados soon.
• -25% discount for your vacation and those of your staff Hertz St Barth .

Duration Hertz Rental Long St Barth offers many advantages
Simple : Choose the model of your vehicle in Long Term Rental , determine the duration, 24, 36 or 48 months , the annual mileage , the benefits you want and we do the rest. :
Flexible : During the contract , we can adjust your rents to reflect new options selected or changes in mileage;
Precise : You can reliably budget the cost of your vehicle or your fleet linearly , and that the entire duration of use.
Effective : You give your work to the number one park in the Caribbean / Guyana which job is the management of the fleet. No more administrative, no more negotiations with multiple partners , no more recognition and tracking various expenses, 100% of your time and your money is spent on your business. Delegate with confidence.
Reassuring : Our insurance covers all risks and our support 24/24 , 7/7, allow you to drive with peace of mind .

Contact Hertz Saint-Barthélemy : Sébastien Loret
Tél : 0590 27 71 14
Mob : 0690 72 23 89
Fax : 0590 52 05 76
E-mail :
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Adress : Hertz Saint-Barthélemy, Aéroport Gustave III, 1st floor.