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Rent 2 Buy

10 days to try ... …
… Zero pressure to buy

Hertz Rent2Buy , the new way to buy a used vehicle.

Hertz Rent2Buy gives you the opportunity to try your future car as yours at daily use for 10 days * . This time really gives you the time to experience while in the classic process of sales, you do not have time to have an idea and whether the car fits your needs and desires. This is not only 5 minutes trial or simply driving around the neighborhood and you can get an idea of the car you will use for years. With Hertz Rent2Buy you choose confidently and smoothly . The 10 days trial are without engagement. All our opportunities have been maintained according to manufacturers recommendations. Hertz Rent2Buy opportunities are sold within the state. This means that they correspond to the presentation standards , maintenance , cleanliness and safety of all our rental vehicles. With 10 test days * , you can discover your vehicle in every detail and make your buying decision without a doubt . Everything is transparent.
You will also get after buying an oil change and a free vehicle control in AUTONET .